News & Updates

June, 2018 - We are now offering RETURN TO CUBA for rent or purchase at Vimeo On Demand.  We're excited to share the film with a wide audience!  If you would like to screen the film to a large audience connected to an institution or university, please contact us directly to arrange a screening copy, or purchase a copy through our distributor, Grasshopper Film.  


January, 2017 - We have distribution!  We are very thankful to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for granting us image rights for the Evans photos.  At the end of 2016, we were able to negotiate a distribution deal with the wonderful, Grasshopper Film.  We're currently offering the film to 'Educational' audiences.  This means universities, schools, and museums may pay for a screening, or acquire a copy for their collection.  If you are an organization, business, or non-profit interested in arranging a screening, please contact us through this site.  Otherwise, for an Educational copy of the film, see Grasshopper Film.  


August, 2016 - We are happy to announce the film's premiere at the 2016 Camden International Film Festival in beautiful Camden, Maine, Sept. 15th-18th.  We're very excited to be amongst many great films and share 'Return to Cuba' with a public audience.