Return to Cuba: In the footsteps of walker evans

Return to Cuba Poster_2015.10.03_screen_v3-01.jpg

Five world-renowned photographers travel to Cuba just weeks before the historic U.S.-Cuba reconciliation in 2014. Retracing the footsteps of legendary photographer Walker Evans, they reinvent his iconic 1930s images at a new historical tipping point. Director Ross McDermott intertwines Evans’s pre-Castro Cuba with the busy streets of Havana and the countryside of Viñales. From the quick yet studied street-style photography of Sam Abell to the uncommon camera-obscura practices of Abelardo Morell, these master photographers reinterpret Cuba for the 21st century. This colorful documentary brings together five unique visions of Cuba’s complex and transforming cultural landscape.

Director - Ross McDermott
Executive Producer - Skip Klein
Motion Graphics and Art - Dimitri Salonikios
Sound Engineering - Abel Okugawa